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Unisys announced its Mobility Solutions Suite of services designed to help organizations manage, secure and support mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets – as well as their applications – and lead to improved employee productivity and customer service.

The explosion in use of consumer devices is causing businesses and government agencies to rethink the way they serve a new generation of increasingly mobile employees, customers and constituents. CIOs and enterprise IT departments are quickly being forced to adopt cost-effective ways to manage and support mobile end users while maintaining the security of sensitive, mission-critical corporate data and resources.

“The mobility revolution is changing the way work gets done, and how people connect with data and with each other, and it’s changing what people expect from product and service providers, their employers and their governments,” said Terry Hartmann, VP, global security solutions, Unisys. “Organizations need to move quickly to respond to these new requirements or risk being left behind. Our new services are designed to help reduce the complexity of enterprise mobile access, security and support, and guide clients on how to take advantage of new opportunities to transform the user experience.”

Unisys consultants work with clients to assess their employees’ and customers’ mobile interactions; build an overall mobility framework; modernize and develop mobile applications; develop consistent policies for mobile device usage; manage access to enterprise data and resources to provide real-time support for end users on the go; and help organizations plan for new growth opportunities.

The Unisys Mobility Solutions set includes the following services:

Mobility Assessment Services

Unisys consultants work with clients to assess how their employees and customers currently use mobile devices to interact with the enterprise and how the organization could adapt its business processes to better serve mobile workers and clients. Unisys assessment services include an overview of the current state of the infrastructure including mobile device management (MDM) processes; a gap analysis that outlines specific threats and opportunities for improvement: and a roadmap for closing the gaps and securely integrating mobile users into the enterprise.

Mobile Application Development Services

Drawing on long experience in secure, mission-critical applications, Unisys works with organizations to modernize and port their legacy applications to mobile devices, as well as create innovative new mobile applications. Key security features and application performance monitoring are designed into each mobile application, along with capabilities that allow applications to run on multiple devices and platforms.

Mobile User Authentication Services

According to the Unisys Security Index – a global survey of consumer security attitudes and concerns – people consistently view identity theft as the top threat to their security. To address these concerns, Unisys Mobile User Authentication Services help enterprises protect business-critical resources by authenticating users’ identities based on multiple factors such as passwords, location or biometrics which leverage inbuilt mobile device cameras and microphones. Based on these and other factors, mobile users can be granted or denied access to web portals, corporate applications or physical checkpoints. The organization can require different authentication methods for different people, depending on user roles, usage patterns and the type of transaction they are undertaking.

MyWork Services for Mobile

Unisys MyWork Services for Mobile are subscription-based managed services designed to help an IT service desk operation improve the productivity and uptime of mobile end users through a dedicated and complete mobile device help desk. MyWork Services for Mobile enables IT support teams to enforce policies for managing mobile devices, minimize risk and enhance security for end users, and track mobile assets and data. The Unisys service provides dedicated support for mobile users without the need for clients’ IT organizations to buy or install on-premise MDM software, and eliminates the challenge for IT organizations to stay current with training on the growing matrix of mobile operating system options and devices.

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