Websense TRITON now with new malware and data theft defenses

Websense announced 10 new malware and data theft defenses, spear phishing protection with cloud sandboxing, and a forensic reporting dashboard with security intelligence.

With this release, the Websense TRITON solution provides enterprises with the deep protection, forensics and visibility necessary to understand: which individuals are subject to attacks; cybercrime tactics and methods; attack communications and destinations; and what data is being targeted.

No matter what you are running — anti-virus, URL filtering, next generation firewalls — cybercriminals may find a way in and will establish command and control communication to steal your data,” said John McCormack, president, Websense. “Our advanced malware and data theft protection measures set a heightened standard for security and forensic reporting. Our technology is designed to retain and contain your most sensitive data, while providing you with the visibility necessary to understand how significant the threat to your organization truly is and what cybercriminals are targeting.”

The Websense TRITON solution unifies all the key components of threat defense and data theft prevention into a cohesive content security system. It brings together web security, email security, mobile security, and DLP defenses with unified security intelligence and a unified management console.

TRITON solutions can be deployed on enterprise-grade appliances, as cloud-based services, and as powerful and efficient hybrids of on-premise and cloud elements working together.

“With the enhancements, Websense TRITON raises the bar for security defenses,” said Christian Christiansen, program vice president for industry analyst firm IDC’s Security Products and Services. “The new Websense advanced malware and data theft innovations address evolving threats from external and internal sources. Especially notable is the comprehensive approach that includes data loss prevention coupled to web-based malware mitigation and managed from a consolidated dashboard.”

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