Passwords Plus for Mac OS X released

DataViz announced the availability of Passwords Plus for Mac OS X, plus updated versions for iOS and Windows.

Passwords Plus stores and protects PINs, passwords, and other sensitive information while providing automatic synchronization of this data between iPad, iPhone, Windows and Mac desktop/laptop computers.

Setup is quick and easy with no need to open a 3rd party cloud account or pay an additional subscription fee to sync, backup or restore data.

Features like “Generate Password’ help customers avoid the risk that comes with using “obvious” or “duplicate” passwords for sensitive account information.

“Recent online security breaches highlight the risk of using the same password for multiple websites or simple passwords such as “12345′,” says Bonnie Boyle, Chief Product Officer, DataViz. “Everyone needs to be diligent about using strong, unique passwords and they need to be changed frequently. The easiest way to store and remember your passwords is to use a password management solution that is intuitive, secure, and accessible everywhere. Passwords Plus fits all of these requirements, at minimal cost.”

Key features include:

  • Security – 256-bit AES encryption keeps data safe and secure.
  • Auto-synchronization – Updates made on one device will automatically be reflected on all devices.
  • Backup/restore – Info can be retrieved if devices are lost or stolen.
  • Generate password – Automatically generate random passwords to avoid using “obvious” or “duplicate” passwords.
  • Self-destruct – Configure to erase stored data if multiple wrong passwords are attempted.
  • Categories and favorites – Customize categories and set favorites to easily find frequently used records.
  • Retina-ready – Graphics are enhanced for the MacBook Pro with Retina display.

Passwords Plus can be purchased from the Mac App Store for $9.99 until September 30, 2012, and $19.99 thereafter (supports Mac OS 10.5 or higher, including Mountain Lion).

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