Open source self-service cloud portal

ScaleXtreme released free open source software for companies to build internal cloud dashboards and self-service portals for developers and other end-users. The technology enables creating a new public cloud instance as simple as using a vending machine.

Many organizations are finding that allowing developers and end-users to provision public cloud servers can dramatically drive down costs and improve satisfaction.

Organizations want to balance these new capabilities with an interface that hides the complexity of cloud computing from users and provides appropriate cost controls and visibility into spending. They want to ensure cloud servers are monitored, compliant with security policies and have been appropriately patched.

ScaleXtreme’s new on-premise cloud portal works directly with ScaleXtreme’s cloud service through standards-compliant REST API’s. It takes advantage of ScaleXtreme’s monitoring, budgeting, patch management, cloud provisioning and automation capabilities.

ScaleXtreme developed the self-service portal at the explicit request of several of its largest enterprise customers. The customers, leaders in the financial services and entertainment industries, have adopted public cloud as a way to save money and increase agility, but quickly found they lacked visibility and control and wanted to build a simplified dashboard and portal to enable widespread usage of the public cloud.

“Enterprises can get the speed and cost-savings from using the cloud without having to worry about cost overruns or policy violations,” said ScaleXtreme CEO Nand Mulchandani. “The ScaleXtreme on-premise developer portal simplifies enterprise adoption of cloud computing and makes it easy for end users to get access to cloud resources through an interface integrated into a look-and-feel that they’re familiar with.”

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