Oracle Solaris 11.1 released

Oracle announced Oracle Solaris 11.1, delivering over 300 new performance and feature enhancements.

Oracle Solaris 11 is the first cloud OS that allows customers to build large-scale enterprise-class Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) clouds on a wide range of SPARC and x86 servers and engineered systems.

The new version features the newest round of enhancements for the latest database technology, delivering the best performance, availability and I/O throughput of any UNIX platform used to run the Oracle Database:

  • Improve Oracle Real Application Clusters lock latency by 17% by offloading lock management into the Oracle Solaris kernel.
  • Resize the Oracle Database SGA without a reboot.
  • Observe and understand database I/O bottlenecks easily using Oracle Solaris DTrace.
  • Send system audit results to the Oracle Audit Vault to simplify compliance reporting for the overall Oracle Database platform.
  • Create compliance reports quickly to meet auditor requirements with OpenSCAP, a new compliance reporting tool and a Payment Card Industry profile.
  • Unlock the full potential of Oracle’s latest server systems with support for an unprecedented 32 TB of RAM and thousands of CPUs.

New cloud infrastructure features add to Oracle Solaris 11’s built-in virtualization capabilities across system, network and storage resources and include:

  • Support for the new, open standard Federated File System (FedFS) providing unified namespace for cloud-scale data environments.
  • New, expanded support for Software Defined Networks (SDN), including enhancements to Edge Virtual Bridging, to maximize network resource utilization and manage bandwidth in cloud environments. New Data Center Bridging support combines Ethernet and storage networks to help save network infrastructure costs.
  • Superfast Oracle Solaris Zone updates provide up to 4x performance improvements over Oracle Solaris 11 and automatic shared storage support allows customers to easily move Oracle Solaris Zones between systems.

The secure, highly available capabilities of Oracle Solaris Cluster combined with the built-in virtualization of Oracle Solaris 11.1 helps customers bring their most mission-critical applications into a cost effective, agile cloud environment.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center provides comprehensive systems management, enabling enterprise-wide, centralized control of hardware, OS and virtualization resources. Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center is available to Oracle Solaris customers at no additional cost under the Ops Center Everywhere Program.

Oracle Solaris 11.1 also includes enhancements to optimize operating system performance and capabilities when deployed in an Oracle VM Server for SPARC or Oracle VM Server for x86 virtualized environment.

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