One-click security within Microsoft Outlook

CertiVox launched an automatic, end-to-end encryption capability designed specifically to enable government, businesses and individuals to benefit from one-click security within Microsoft Outlook.

PrivateSky for Outlook enables users to automatically encrypt messages and large files from within their Outlook client. No troublesome usernames and passwords are required – only a four-digit PIN. There are no changes to the user’s workflow – PrivateSky for Outlook installs a single button into the sender’s Outlook email console, to enable them to secure, send and receive messages with one click.

PrivateSky for Outlook’s ability to secure much larger files than Outlook normally supports – up to 5GB – enables it to address the growing risk of employees resorting to insecure file transfer methods because of the filesize limitations of Exchange.

In contrast to other encryption solutions, the recipient does not need to be previously enrolled. Clicking on the received message is all that is required to both decrypt and view the message, but the data remains completely encrypted and safe until the recipient verifies their identity.

Private Sky for Outlook provides total, certificateless message and file security from creation to delivery. It dispenses with the costly, labour-intensive key management and administration issues that often plague businesses using conventional encryption technologies.

“This is the perfect example of how CertiVox’s technology doesn’t just deliver benefit in its own right, but can also transform the value of even the most well-established solutions in the market, giving users a level of security that they have never previously been able to experience,” Brian Spector, CEO of CertiVox, said.

“The user doesn’t care about the years of cryptographic expertise and military grade encryption techniques behind the service – they just want a single button in their Outlook, that takes care of all the encryption the moment they click it. From the point of view of the end user, reseller, partner and distributor, it is absolute simplicity,” Spector added.

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