GFI Software unveils VIPRE SDK for Windows

GFI Software announced the availability of VIPRE 6.0 SDK (for Windows environments) adding several new security features that software developers, PC utility providers and other security vendors can integrate into their product offerings or custom applications.

Leveraging the advanced VIPRE Antivirus engine, vendors can integrate anti-malware technology with minimal development time and without compromising their customers’ desktop performance.

A key new feature available with this release is VIPRE Easy Install which enables PC utility providers to remove other security software from their end users’ computers upon installation.

Pre-installed AV solutions or fragments of earlier AV programs can cause conflicts and installation problems, so VIPRE Easy Install automatically detects and uninstalls these programs without the need for user interaction. However, for vendors who wish to use multiple antivirus scanners in their offerings, VIPRE 6.0 SDK is also capable of working in tandem, giving providers maximum flexibility.

While software developers certainly appreciate the critical importance of malware detection and remediation, for many it is not a core competency. The most effective and cost-efficient way to integrate anti-malware technology is to use a SDK, such as VIPRE 6.0 SDK, which provides a full arsenal of malware detection, remediation and firewall technologies in one powerful and easy-to-integrate package.

“An SDK is a supremely efficient way for developers to integrate proven technologies into their own products without investing a lot of time and resources,” said Julian Waits, vice president of GFI Software’s Advanced Technology Group. “We understand the vital role that anti-malware plays in this particular era of cyber security, and with our updated VIPRE 6.0 SDK we’re trying to bring the most cutting-edge security technologies we have to developers in a plug-and-play fashion, so they can make the security of their software automatic.”

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