Verdasys launches Digital Guardian 6.1

Verdasys announced Digital Guardian 6.1, an information protection platform that integrates compliance, insider threat prevention and cyber threat prevention. The release also includes an enterprise DLP iOS Mobile App and support for the Windows 8 operating system.

The Digital Guardian 6.1 platform is also available as a Managed Service for Information Protection (MSIP) offering that covers DLP, Insider Threat Prevention and Cyber-threat Prevention, even further reducing the cost of deployment and training while greatly increasing time to value.

Traditional DLP which focused on compliance has been eclipsed as a business problem by the ever growing threat vectors of insider and cyber-threat (outsider threat). With DLP 3.0, a single integrated platform combats these data security threats and enables companies to build a sustainable risk-based data protection program.

Digital Guardian 6.1 Cyber-threat detection and defense products include:

  • Network Agents which incorporate dynamic threat intelligence feeds, selective network forensics, and integrated static and dynamic malware detection technology.
  • Endpoint Agents enforcing Adaptive Cyber Threat Policies to monitor, prevent, detect, and contain malware activities during incident response. Aggregation of risk factors can autonomously elevate alerts and containment controls including the trigger of Advanced Malware memory scans and additional forensics capture.
  • APT Detection Module – Advanced malware detection powered by HBGary Digital DNA. Digital DNA is a signature-less approach to detect new or unknown malware with automated behavioral analysis of code in physical memory. The Digital Guardian APT Detection Module manages scans based on schedule or policy violation, and facilitates the retrieval of memory forensics to support incident response.

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