Metaforic releases software protection technology

Metaforic unveiled several new technology advancements that make it easier for software creators to protect a wide range of software (mobile, embedded, desktop, server) against hacking and subversion.

According to a recent report from Juniper Research, less than one in 20 smartphones and tablets have security software installed in them, despite a steady increase in threats. Gartner and other leading analyst firms now include Metaforic in their security models, typically in the first, critical security layer, automatically providing protection from within the application itself.

“Metaforic technology empowers software creators to easily immunize their mobile, embedded and enterprise applications so those applications can defend themselves—preventing costly and dangerous security breaches,” said Dan Stickel, Metaforic CEO. “Whether protecting mobile banking applications against fraud, or nuclear power plants against cyber-terrorism, it’s becoming increasingly critical to ensure that the software which runs our daily lives is not completely vulnerable and has the ability to defend itself.”

Technology advances include:

Metaforic Concealer – in addition to the fundamental anti-tamper capabilities provided by the Metaforic Core software immune system, Metaforic now offers the ability to protect sensitive information that must be embedded in the application.

Metaforic Authenticator – Metaforic now also enables robust authentication between different devices, applications or processes, ensuring that protected software is communicating with the intended recipient.

Performance enhancements – building a protected application is now even faster on any platform, with enhanced support for massive parallelization.

Enhanced platform security – protecting against attacks that use hardware breakpoints to interfere with program operations is now easier to deploy and available on additional platforms.

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