Infographic: Is your device safe at CES?

The technology supershow known as CES is taking place in Las Vegas this week. Novell released an infographic that looks at mobile security and breaks down a number of figures relating to mobile security not only at the event but in general.

This includes what information is commonly lost when a mobile device is stolen, figures relating to the current state of security on mobile devices and the value of data lost.

Click on the image for the complete infographic

Headline figures include:

  • 6,900 laptops and tablets will be stolen during CES
  • 70 million smartphones are lost every year
  • In 2012 2,500 types of mobile malware were discovered
  • Only 4% of smartphones and tablets have security installed
  • Half of all mobiles and tablets have credit card and password information stored on them
  • The average cost from tablet and smartphone loss is $49,000.
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