ESET releases Mac security products

ESET launched new products for the OS X platform: ESET Cyber Security Pro and ESET Cyber Security.

According to a recent Macworld magazine poll, only half of Mac users employ antivirus software on their computers. This lack of vigilance puts not only their own computers at risk, but also endangers friends and family. Unprotected Macs can download, carry and transmit a host of malware threats specific to Windows users. Without even realizing the risk, Mac users can inadvertently pass malware on to PC users.

Key benefits of ESET Cyber Security Pro include:

Keep kids safer on the Internet with Parental Control: Allows parents to control and limit their children’s online activity by blocking certain categories of web pages and setting up pre-set age-appropriate profiles, such as child, teenager or adult.

Protect personal data from identity theft with Personal Firewall: ESET Personal Firewall prevents unauthorized users from accessing your Mac remotely and allows you to define a range of user profiles, each with special firewall settings assigned for a specific situation.

In addition to these features found only in Cyber Security Pro, both Cyber Security and Cyber Security Pro offer the following enhancements:

Browsing and communication security with Web and Email scanning: ESET scans and detects threats in major POP3/IMAP email clients and HTTP web protocol.

Customized security with one-click access to solutions: Either application runs efficiently in the background and will only ask for attention when necessary. Advanced settings allow experienced users to tailor in-depth security settings based on specific preferences or individual requirements.

Cloud-powered scanning (ESET LiveGrid): ESET LiveGrid analyzes global threats, attack vectors, and patterns to protect users from emerging threats, while also identifying “safe” files on the user’s hard drive. This improves scanning performance and eliminates false positives over time. All scanning engine updates are small in size and quickly sent to ESET users, without slowing down system performance.

Removable media protection: Enables the user to automatically scan any potentially unsafe removable device for threats, including USB drives, CDs, DVDs or FireWire.

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