IS Decisions releases FileAudit 4

IS Decisions released FileAudit 4, its file audit, archiving and reporting tool. It is the only file auditing solution Microsoft-certified for compliance with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.

Increasing mobility and remote working trends can make it challenging for IT to protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with industry regulations such as SOX, FISMA and HIPAA. Manually monitoring and auditing file access (and access attempts) across Windows Servers is time-consuming and overwhelming. With an agentless deployment , IT managers can quickly install FileAudit and instantly protect all file servers in their Windows environment without intrusion or the need for deployment on individual servers. Users are up and running with FileAudit and monitoring, archiving and reporting on file access in less than three minutes.

Key capabilities include:

1. Real-time monitoring of sensitive files and folders constantly examines and records read/write/delete accesses (or access attempts), file ownership changes, and permission modifications so IT or management can immediately address any inappropriate accesses.

2. Automatic email alerts triggered by predetermined access events (e.g., access denied, file deletion, specific user or file access, etc.) provide instantaneous notification of a potential security breach.

3. Customized file server intelligence delivers an interactive, graphical access summary, allowing IT to ensure security in real-time and provide specified recipients with regular email delivery of reports customized according to multiple criteria (e.g., path, file type, access type).

4. Centralization, recording and long-term archiving of all file access events occurring on one or several Windows systems generates an always-available, searchable and secure audit trail.

5. Ease of use and user-specific rights management means that even non-IT executives (and external auditors) can use FileAudit without breaching security protocols. Should a CPA or other auditor need to evaluate a company’s internal controls and reporting, he can find all file access-related data without time-consuming meetings and requests for the IT department.

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