Trojan phishes for credit card info through fake Facebook page

An insidious Trojan is targeting Facebook users and getting them to share confidential personal and credit card information that will then be used to perform fraudulent transactions, warn Trend Micro researchers.

The malware, dubbed TSPY_MINOCDO.A, is delivered on the target system either via Trojan droppers or via drive-by-download schemes on compromised sites.

Once downloaded on the computer, the Trojan ensures its persistence by registering itself as a system service to ensure automatic execution at every system startup. It then modifies the affected system’s HOSTS files, so that users trying to visit or are redirected to a fake Facebook Security Check page:

The information submitted into the false form gets delivered to the crooks behind this scheme, and the Trojan also collects and delivers information about the compromised system.

“Upon further analysis, we also discovered that that the malware performs DNS queries to several domain names. What this means that the people behind this are prepared for server malfunction and has a backup to continue stealing information,” the researchers added.

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