File protection in the cloud with DigitalQuick

Fasoo announced that its new data security solution, DigitalQuick, which allows consumers to keep sensitive information private when shared via email or through cloud storage services.

Despite the increasing use of the cloud, numerous reports of security breaches have left users unable to fully trust cloud and file security. In addition, when mobile devices are lost or stolen, users must be concerned that files stored on those devices are exposed and unprotected.

Users cannot always control what others do with files once shared, but they want to guarantee that those files shared with friends and colleagues are not misused or viewed outside the predetermined group. Users armed with DigitalQuick can be at ease knowing that they are in control and that their files are always protected.

DigitalQuick provides the ability for users to see what their friends and colleagues have done with their shared files and when. Unlike other services, DigitalQuick does not require passwords or the need to remember encryption keys; instead, data is safeguarded by simply clicking and setting permissions – leaving nothing to remember or worry about.

“There are many cloud services that provide simple file encryption and access control,” said Dr. Kyugon Cho, Fasoo founder and CEO. “However, these services don’t address all security risks. DigitalQuick, with its DRM features, is the only true security service providing the functionality that everyday users require for this day and age.”

Everyone has likely had the experience of accidentally emailing a résumé, report or photos to the wrong person, and then making an unsuccessful attempt to recall the email. With DigitalQuick, even if recipients have the file or even the permissions to open it, those recipients can always be removed as a shared member or have their permissions changed so that they are ultimately unable to access that file.

For those who routinely convert documents like presentations or invoices into PDF files to make them un-editable, DigitalQuick can eliminate the need to convert files by blocking users from making edits to Microsoft Office and text files, and even disable the print option, all while maintaining the file’s native application format.

Many people now store photos in the cloud, often for easy sharing or to make them available wherever they go. Others store passwords or account numbers within cloud services like Dropbox for easy access. With the security of these online storage options in question, DigitalQuick can provide a solution that makes the cloud storage safe to use. With seamless integration for Dropbox, users of the popular cloud service can streamline the file protection process to a simple drag-and-drop.

With support for Android and iOS devices, users can also easily and safely access their files on the go with Quick View, DigitalQuick’s mobile app.


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