New mobile security practice from Trustwave

Trustwave unveiled a new mobile security practice designed to help businesses embrace mobility and BYOD programs while maintaining compliance, managing security risks and protecting corporate networks and data.

Trustwave’s new mobile security practice offers enterprise compliance and risk services to address the challenges and complexities of mobility, as well as an integrated, technology suite aimed at protecting networks, data, and devices from malware and data loss.

The practice also includes Trustwave SpiderLabs services, delivered by an experienced team of ethical hackers, designed to expose vulnerabilities and threats on mobile devices, systems and applications.

Malware, policy violations, data loss, unsupported and insecure mobile applications are creating new security risks, making them a top priority for businesses that are implementing BYOD programs, delivering mobile applications to customers and users, or using mobile payment systems that include point-of-sale systems.

Industry analyst firm 451 Research notes, “The combined effects of IT consumerisation and the “bring your own device’ trends have driven mobile device security to take over the top slot as the key pain point for security managers in 2012,” while the 2013 Trustwave Global Security Report noted a 400 percent increase in mobile malware last year.

“Mobility and BYOD are no longer theoretical — even for enterprises that think they’ve banned them — and the risk isn’t confined to the devices themselves,” said Wendy Nather, research director for the Enterprise Security Practice at 451 Research. “They affect the entire organisation from the standpoints of security and compliance. Trustwave understands this, and treats mobility not as an exception, but as the new business rule.”

Trustwave’s new mobile security practice includes:

Enterprise mobility assessment services
An experienced team of compliance and risk management experts helps businesses identify gaps and potential risk exposure and establish that pragmatic balance of productivity and security through customisable professional services, including risk assessment, policy development, architecture review and security awareness education.

BYOD “self-sealing” network protection
With the integration of key enterprise security technologies – Network Access Control, Secure Web Gateway, Data Loss Prevention, System Information and Event Management – Trustwave now provides businesses with the ability to identify mobile devices on the network, enforce BYOD and data access policies, decrease operational costs and reduce risks by intelligently “self-sealing” the network from malware, the loss of sensitive data, and network threats.

For example, if a mobile user on the network browses to a malicious link or violates established policy, Trustwave can immediately identify and quarantine the user, stop malware from spreading, automate response to proactively mitigate threats, and alert security teams of the violation.

Trustwave SpiderLabs Services for Mobile
Trustwave SpiderLabs, a team of threat researchers, forensic investigators and ethical hackers, offers a comprehensive suite of testing services specifically for mobile devices, applications and systems.

These services are designed to help businesses test security and identify vulnerabilities in BYOD deployments, mobile applications and mobile point-of-sale systems. Backed by experience performing thousands of penetration tests each year, the Trustwave SpiderLabs team enables businesses to proactively improve security posture and reduce the threats that are inherent to mobility.

“Our new mobile security practice allows us to serve as a trusted advisor to our customers as they create a more holistic approach to mobility that includes risk assessments and proven technologies that enable them to improve their risk and compliance posture, deploy secure mobile applications to their customers, and protect their network from emerging vulnerabilities and threats,” said Leo Cole, General Manager of Security Solutions at Trustwave.

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