Google implements malware scan for submissions to Chrome Web Store

Late last week, Google has announced that submissions to the Chrome Web Store will, from now on, be checked for malware.

Mimicking the Android Bouncer program incorporated into Google Play at the beginning of 2012, the scanner will be automatically checking all newly submitted software.

Developers are advised not to panic if their item is not broadly available immediately after they publish it.

“Most items will be publicly available within several minutes of publishing, however it could take up to 60 minutes for the scan to complete. Unless we see something worrisome, most items should be publicly available several minutes after publishing, almost always within 60 minutes,” it has been explained in a post on the G+ Google Chrome Developers page.

Developers will have the option of canceling the publishing process during the time it takes for the scanner to verify the submission.

No further details have been shared about the nature of the scan, but a user speculated that it could be just a static analysis engine.

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