AirWatch enhances laptop management solution

AirWatch announced enhancements to its laptop management solution that provides additional functionality and platform support for organizations that need to manage all of their mobile devices, including laptops, from a central console.

With new mobile operating system iterations introduced nearly every 15 days, organizations that want to support a variety of BYOD scenarios or ensure security for specific platforms need a central console to simplify enrollment, configuration and management of devices.

The AirWatch EMM platform provides the flexibility to securely manage all its mobile devices, deliver work resources to each of those devices and dynamically reconfigure policies and information based on a user’s role and responsibility.

Organizations use AirWatch to deploy managed laptops across multiple operating system variations, like Mac OS X, using the same central console they already use to manage tablets and smartphones. AirWatch has created the enterprise mobility framework that allows IT departments to manage laptops similar to smartphones and tablets.

AirWatch offers Mac OS X management and fully supports Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows 32-archetitected laptops and desktops. With the latest version of its EMM solution, AirWatch is introducing several updates including, but not limited to:

Mac OS X:

  • Fortified security by enforcing FileVault 2 disk encryption
  • Automatic configuration of enterprise email accounts for Microsoft Outlook
  • Integration with AirWatch Cloud Messenger (AWCM), including administrator push notification delivery
  • Parental controls such as time limits and curfew.


  • Fully featured product and profile provisioning, compliance, MDM commands and scalable enrollment
  • Enterprise wipe and GPS location capabilities
  • Encrypt all data in-transit and at-rest for Secure Content Locker
  • Secure mobile access to documents in Secure Content Locker.

Note: It’s unclear if the products work with the latest versions of OS X since the company mentions Mac OS X instead of OS X in their descriptions. Check before you buy.

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