Private, secure texting app for iOS

With an estimated 6 billion text messages sent every day in the United States alone, text messaging has become the primary means of communication for a large portion of the population.

Along with the convenience of sending and receiving instant messages comes privacy and legal concerns. Privatext has launched a new messaging platform for both consumers and businesses, available for free download at the App Store.

Using regular text messaging, a message will remain on the sender and recipient’s devices until manually deleted and on the network provider’s servers for an indefinite period of time. There is also the potential for a message to be retrieved from a device even after being manually removed.

The new Privatext application enables consumers to automatically delete text and picture messages from their device, as well as the recipient’s device and Privatext messaging servers. It also sends and receives messages through a secure server.

Benefits include:

Message deletion: Users can delete messages from their device, the recipient’s device and the Privatext servers after being read, before being read or automatically after a designated period of time.

Privacy: The app never accesses any contacts or personal information on the user’s device and unlike numerous other messaging apps never compiles any user information for sale to marketers.

Confirmation texting: Protection against messaging the wrong person by displaying the recipient’s name after being selected by the sender.

User protection: Each user is assigned a unique PIN when registering. Users are not required to provide their name, phone number, email address or any other identifying information.

Security: Accounts are device-specific, making it impossible for someone to log in to a user’s account from another device.

No traceability: Privatext makes screen captures irrelevant by hiding contacts’ PINs so only the user knows the identity of the sender.

Password protected messaging: Optional additional layer of security that requires the entry of a password before accessing messages.

No forwarding or saving: Messages can never be saved or forwarded, limiting viewing of the message to only the recipient.

Separate business and personal: Dual password option enables users to keep business contacts separate from personal contacts.

Easy contact deletion: Users can securely and permanently remove a contact anytime.

Speed: Privatext delivers and receives messages significantly faster than regular texting through a network provider.

Unlimited: There is no limit to the number of text or pictures messages a user can send.

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