Oracle releases Critical Patch Update

Relatively quiet Critical Patch Update (CPU) from Oracle this quarter. Relative is of course subjective to Oracle, since this gigantic pile of unrelated code fixes includes 89 distinct CVEs and touches 20+ distinct products.

The highest risk issue is scored with a CVSS of 9 because it’s remotely exploitable without authentication. This vulnerability in the XML Parser in Oracle’s Database Server is part of a mixed bag of other vulnerabilities ranging from mild to serious.

Oracle Fusion middleware is seeing a lot of attention this quarter with 21 fixes, but nothing super critical. The highest CVSS score is 7.5.

Solaris is hit with two remote DoS attacks, plus a couple of local elevation of privilege issues.

With such a diverse range of products in this quarter’s patch, it’s hard to tackle these from top to bottom with recommendations. I recommend patching any vulnerable Oracle Database Server instances ASAP and don’t neglect the stability or integrity of the Solaris deployment.

Ross Barrett, senior manager of security engineering at Rapid7.

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