Bit9 Introduces enterprise Mac security

Business users are driving demand for Macs across the enterprise. Until now, the few enterprise security products available for the Mac were dependent on malware signatures and behavioral patterns, which makes them ineffective against today’s advanced threats and targeted attacks. Organizations and analysts are concerned that Macs now represent a growing vulnerability in the enterprise.

Bit9 announced its Security Platform for OS X, which delivers the following:

  • Continuously monitors and records all activity on Mac desktops, laptops and servers.
  • Detects and stops Mac-targeted advanced threats and zero-day attacks without using signatures.
  • Integrates with network security devices such as FireEye and Palo Alto Networks to accelerate incident response and ensure all files arriving on endpoints and servers are safe.

Bit9 for Mac defends enterprises against advanced threats and delivers benefits for threat protection and compliance purposes, including:

Visibility: Know what’s running on every Mac OS X endpoint and server—right now.

Detection: Real-time, signature-less detection of advanced threats and zero-day attacks.

Protection: Stop all untrusted software from executing on any Mac.

Forensics: A complete recorded history and full audit trail of all threat-related activity on every Mac for immediate incident analysis and response.

Network security integration: A first-of-its-kind integration with next-generation network security solutions from industry leaders such as FireEye and Palo Alto Networks for accelerated incident response and remediation.

Fran Howarth, security practice leader, Bloor Research comments: “Macs are a reality in the enterprise IT ecosystem, and as they proliferate, they are increasingly vulnerable to advanced threats and targeted attacks. It’s a big mistake for enterprise security teams to underestimate the potential risks their Mac deployments represent. Bit9 has delivered a version of its platform for Mac that addresses this growing problem with a true enterprise-class security solution that offers real-time monitoring and recording and the same level of protection against untrusted software it offers for Windows.”

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