Arbor Networks acquires Packetloop

Arbor Networks has acquired privately held Packetloop, an innovator and provider of Security Analytics. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Arbor plans to invest in and expand Packetloop’s Sydney, Australia-based operations.

Packetloop’s solution delivers real-time, network-wide situational awareness through a combination of packet capture, big data analytics, security forensics and visualizations that help enterprises identify malware, targeted attacks and attackers.

Their capabilities complement Arbor’s NetFlow visibility, anomaly detection, application intelligence and identity tracking. Arbor will integrate Packetloop’s capabilities into its enterprise solution platform this year, delivering a set of network visibility; threat detection and mitigation; incident response; and forensics capabilities.

“The Packetloop technology and people are a great addition to the Arbor team. They bring tremendous insight and knowledge in applying security analytics to the advanced threat landscape. They have developed a really innovative and powerful solution that brings context to data, quickly, and in a meaningful way for those who need it,” said Arbor Networks President Colin Doherty.

“Arbor shares our belief that detection is the key, prevention is the goal and it all starts with great visibility. We also believe that data without context is meaningless,” said Packetloop co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Scott Crane. “Arbor is a successful and well-established company, yet they still have the heart of a startup, an innovator, a disruptor. They’re continuously pushing the envelope. That type of environment, with their people and technology, is a great fit for Packetloop.”

“Arbor is building a network security and analytics platform that goes far beyond DDoS detection and mitigation,” said John Grady, research manager for Security Products at IDC. “Adding a big data security analytics and forensics platform like Packetloop’s makes sense as they extend into the broader advanced threat market. Arbor now has a unique combination of NetFlow, packet capture and global threat intelligence from their ATLAS infrastructure to address today’s dynamic threats that evade signature-based solutions.”

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