SpydrSafe Mobile Security 2.0 released

SpydrSafe 2.0 integrates with and leverages iOS 7’s new native application management capabilities. In addition, it delivers an array of proprietary, advanced security features, not natively available in iOS 7, including true on-device application blacklisting, whitelisting, and secure cut, copy and paste.

“SpydrSafe has eliminated the disparity between iOS and Android for mobile application security. Our sophisticated agent based technology provides the security enterprise IT needs, without forcing them to compromise on which apps they use or which devices they can support,” said Kevin Sapp, SpydrSafe’s CTO and co-founder.

With SpydrSafe 2.0, enterprise IT can now automatically and remotely distribute public app store or custom enterprise apps, configure the native Exchange account, and remotely wipe only enterprise apps and data – leaving end-users’ personal data intact.

“We are the only pure play mobile application security vendor in the market,” Pratt continued. “We offer unequalled mobile application security uniformly across any platform, for all apps – that’s the essence of SpydrSafe 2.0.”

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