Secure mobile managed file transfer with MOVEit

Ipswitch File Transfer released MOVEit 8.0 – a software package that enables mobile workers to transfer files as part of key business processes, while providing IT the security, visibility and control required to confidently conduct business.

MOVEit 8.0 solves problems businesses have faced for years trying to balance security and productivity in their mobile work policies. In an attempt to get work done, mobile users have turned to readily available file-sharing options outside the corporate IT structure. This approach creates security, visibility and control vulnerabilities for the business while file transfers are not automatically linked to business processes.

The software integrates mobile into a company’s existing file-based processes. It makes files from their business systems available to mobile users, allows users to upload new files, and automates the movement of those files back to their business systems. In addition, the system allows mobile users to send files to each other, and share information.

New security features include:

  • Vulnerability protection – Enhanced with the latest safeguards to protect against the OWASP Top 10
  • Anti-virus protection – Support for McAfee, Symantec and Sophos
  • Enhanced security wizard – Streamlines with lockdown process, increasing security configuration and ensuring necessary security steps are taken
  • File tracking ability – Auditing, visibility and control for PCI, HIPAA/HITECH, SOX compliance
  • Support for server platforms and systems – Windows Server 2012, Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Microsoft Exchange/Outlook 2013
  • Improved administrator control – Administrators now have the ability to optionally protect sensitive email messages while always securing attachments.

Examples of use across industries include:

Insurance – An insurance adjustor can securely transfer documents and images from his tablet. And, while still at the accident site, he can initiate the automated insurance claim review workflow process, saving time and improving productivity. In the past, he would have to wait to access the server himself, or rely on a co-worker, to initiate the process.

Healthcare – A doctor takes a picture of a patient infection with her cell phone, adds text information like the medical record number and sends it securely as part of a patient record update process. The medical records department is alerted to the availability of the picture and adds it to the patient record and sends the picture to the practice management system. The process is in compliance with HIPAA/HITECH standards.

Retail – A sales rep at a customer site securely generates and delivers an approved price quote document, initiating the process from her tablet. Once approved, she electronically delivers it to her client and updates business systems.

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