Self-healing BIOS security from HP

HP announced HP BIOSphere with SureStart technology, a self-healing security solution created to help organizations better manage risk and protect user and IT productivity.

HP BIOSphere with SureStart technology was developed with HP Labs, the company’s central research arm, and can automatically restore the system PC BIOS to its previously safe state if attacked or corrupted. This seamless capability delivers a “future proof” technological breakthrough to HP EliteBook customers by providing the ultimate PC BIOS defense.

HP has added the HP SureStart solution to its multilayered HP Client Security solutions portfolio to provide customers with an even stronger security protocol that defends against unauthorized system access.

IT is continually tasked with protecting confidential information, including employee identities and customer data, across multiple devices. This need to service a range of people with different work styles across the organization makes unanticipated enterprise IT security threats a constant challenge.

“The security landscape has become more complex as threats become more sophisticated and employees require device flexibility to coincide with their changing working environment,” said Lorri Jefferson, director, Tablets and Software Strategy, HP. “These breakthrough security offerings are simple, seamless solutions that address these converging trends by delivering enterprise customers the ultimate fighting mechanism for mitigating risk, threats and negative business outcomes.”

HP BIOSphere with SureStart technology is the first solution of its kind to enable virtually uninterrupted productivity for enterprise users by preventing corruption and providing self-healing from malware or unlikely failed PC BIOS updates. Regardless of reason— intentional malicious attack, unknown cause, a failed update or other accidental cause—HP SureStart recovers the PC BIOS for continued user productivity and reduced IT help desk requests.

With HP SureStart, customers no longer need to worry about the safety of their PC BIOS updates. Security and reliability improvements are delivered straight to the customer, via the web or customer’s internal web site. This out-of-the-box solution is based on the HP BIOSphere, HP’s industry-leading firmware ecosystem that includes the HP BIOS and a secure embedded controller. The HP BIOSphere enables both HP’s Client Security and Client Management Solution offerings by automating the protection of data as well as robust configurability and manageability for HP business PCs.

HP SureStart technology provides the ultimate protection against malware attacks of the PC BIOS, preventing user downtime and IT support requests. When combined with HP BIOS Protection,(2) the solution detects, prevents, reports and allows auto recovery of advanced persistent threats (APTs). This keeps government and business professionals safe from cybercrimes—increasing productivity while gaining peace of mind.

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