DeviceLock now prevents data leakage from Macs

DeviceLock announced DeviceLock Endpoint DLP Suite 7.3 that delivers essential device control capabilities for corporate endpoints with OS X Lion and OS X Mountain Lion operating systems while simultaneously allowing organizations to unify DLP policy management for both Windows and Mac computers.

“The consumerization of corporate IT has led to accelerating Apple’s endpoint platform proliferation in the enterprise. Most often, Mac computers are used in organizations by executive managers and key specialists – exactly those categories of employees that create, process and store the most valuable and sensitive part of corporate data on their endpoints,” noted Ashot Oganesyan, DeviceLock CTO and Founder.

The DeviceLock DLP solution is designed to scale from small to large installations and simplify DLP deployment and management such that it can usually be performed by in-house Windows administrators using the Microsoft Active Directory’s Group Policy Management Console or DeviceLock’s companion consoles. DeviceLock also supports LDAP, workgroup, virtual, and standalone Windows endpoint implementations.

DeviceLock administrators can dynamically manage distributed agents that enforce centrally defined policies that allow, block, and log data flows, as well as send real-time alerts on critical security-related events to administrators and external SIEM systems.

In the same effective way that DeviceLock for Windows integrates with the Microsoft’s native data encryption solution for removable drives- BitLocker To Go, DeviceLock for the Mac integrates with Apple’s native FileVault encryption for removable media. DeviceLock customers can use Apple’s data encryption technology with DeviceLock on their Mac computers at no additional cost, which provides both functional advantages and cost savings.


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