Datacard Group to acquire Entrust

Datacard Group has entered into an agreement to acquire Entrust. The acquisition is expected to close on December 31, 2013, subject to regulatory approval and customary closing conditions.

Todd Wilkinson, president and CEO of Datacard Group said: “Connectivity is redefining physical and digital boundaries. For our customers and partners, this means opportunity, but also significant complexity. For years the paths of our companies have intertwined as we served customers – often the same financial and government customers – from different points within the technology spectrum. Those paths now converge to bring powerful new innovations in secure identity to enable trust while reducing complexity in deployment, management, and use.”

The acquisition will reinforce the company’s commitment and relationships with customers and partners by:

  • Providing a robust platform for integrated offerings designed to serve the payments and identity ecosystems
  • Reinforcing the strategy of providing flexible solutions that enable customers to choose deployment and management models
  • Leveraging complementary competencies to serve market applications including: ecommerce and financial transactions, secure communications (web, social, messaging), critical infrastructure, access control, and citizen identification and services
  • Utilizing Datacard Group’s global presence and resources along with Entrust’s best-in-class services to bring localized support closer to partners and customers.

“Entrust is firmly established as a leader in identity-based security. We take this position very seriously, and because of that it was important that we find the right partner,” said Bill Conner, president and CEO of Entrust. “As a result of our deliberate shift to a SaaS-based business model, a significant portion of Entrust’s revenue is recurring, positioning it well for growth. I’m confident both Entrust and Datacard customers will realize value from our companies’ combined expertise. Simply put – this is a win-win scenario.”

The combined entity will employ nearly 2,000 professionals, leveraging hundreds of channel partners to serve tens of thousands of customers. Together the company will enable its customers to issue over 10 million physical identities daily, handle over 200 billion transactions a year, and manage billions of identities, including the majority of payment cards and identification solutions in more than 100 countries.

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