Dropbox-themed phishing is after multiple login credentials

Phishing emails purportedly leading users to a file hosted on Dropbox are targeting Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, and Aol email users, warns Malwarebytes’ Jovi Umawing.

Clicking on the offered link takes users to a spoofed Dropbox page hosted on the compromised website of a company selling alloy wheels and accessories, where they are asked to login with their email address and password in order to access the file:

Unfortunately for those who do, the entered login credentials are immediately forwarded to the criminals behind this scheme, and the victims are redirected to the legitimate login page of the email service for which they entered the credentials.

If this happened to you, and you use the same login credentials for multiple online services, consider all those accounts compromised and change the passwords on them immediately.

If they have already been taken over by the crooks, contact the services to learn how you can restore access to them.

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