Cryptome down, founder blames ISP

Cryptome, the well-known and long-lived online repository for information about freedom of speech, cryptography, spying, and surveillance, is down due to a potentially malicious file found on the site.

Apparently the file has “reappeared by restoring an old file during cleaning,” and has been removed as soon as the site’s administrators have been appraised of the matter.

Nearly two days have passed since then and the site is yet to be brought back online by its hosting provider Network Solutions (“NetSol”).

Cryptome founder John Young is understandably angry, and has accused Network Solutions and its parent company of taking and keeping the site down “on behalf of those who hope to censor and close sites like Cryptome using craven and shallow technical justifications.”

He admits that Network Solutions has provided good service in the past, and that its legal department and customer support have usually been prompt in resolving issues that might arise – including several malware implantations on the site – without shutting the site down.

He also offered a short overview of problems the site had in the past with its previous ISP, Microsoft, and hackers.

Finally, he threatens: “Unless Webcom-NetSol ends its unpremeditated suspension policy Cryptome will terminate its NetSol services and urge others to do the same against any ISP which assaults customers openly or secretly.”

As I’m writing this, the site is still down, and Network Solutions still hasn’t offered an explanation on why it hasn’t restored it.

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