Apple-themed “Your account has been limited” phishing emails doing rounds

Apple users are once again targeted with phishing emails, warns Bitdefender, and the latest variant of the scheme is impersonating Apple Support claiming that their account has been “limited.”

The text of the email will likely raise suspicion with a lot of users, but unfortunately there are always those that will miss the double greeting, the unconventional capitalization of words, the purposeful push to make users act immediately, without thinking (“This link will expire three hours after this email was sent”).

Those who follow the “Reset now” link will land on a page that purports to be the My Apple ID page, even though its URL has nothing to do with the company.

After they enter their Apple ID and password, the victims are asked to share their personal and payment card information (click on the screenshot to enlarge it):

Interestingly enough, when the victims complete the process, they are shown a reassuring message that two step verification has been enabled for their Apple ID.

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