Malware posing as MyTeamVoice app spread via Steam chat

Scammers are once again misusing the gaming platfrom Steam’s chat feature to spread malware, Malwarebytes warns.

They send gamers a message with a link to a page (at myteamvoxing[DOT]com/en/home/index) where they can ostensibly download an app for in-game voice communication called MyTeamVoice.

Unfortunately for those who fell for this scheme, the downloaded software is not the legitimate MyTeamVoice app, even though the site looks like that of the legitimate developers (who, by the way, warn on their main page about malicious sites like this one, and urge users to download MyTeamVoice software from site only).

The downloaded file is either a Trojan dropper or a piece of information-stealing malware. According to one user, downloading it resulted in his Steam account being hijacked.

This particular site has been taken down, but you can be sure that similar ones will pop up soon (if they haven’t already).

Gamers – and users in general – should be careful about following unsolicited links. In most cases, the destination page is either a phishing page, a page hosting malware or exploit kits, or leads to online surveys.

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