Strengthening trust in a highly connected world

As consumers, we increasingly expect anytime-anywhere access and personalized service, whether online at home, on-the-go with mobile devices, or in a store or branch location. And, in the financial market, the legacy business models and go-to-market strategies previously deployed have generally not kept pace with changing consumer behaviors.

Financial institutions are also dealing with sweeping changes in regulatory requirements. Compound this with market dynamics of mobile services, cyber security, heightened awareness of data breaches and identity theft, and the global shift to “smart cards and EMV migration” we are seeing a major change in the industry.

In this podcast recorded at RSA Conference 2015, Dave Rockvam, Vice President of Product Management at Entrust Datacard, talks about how employees and other authorized users want convenient access to facilities, networks and apps. They want consistent experiences on phones, tablets and PCs. And they want to collaborate freely with peers and work with anywhere-anytime flexibility.

New demands are changing the way we think about security and creating the need for end-to-end secure solutions. Just as the connectivity of our world is transforming the way we live and work, this new understanding of security is impacting the very core of how organizations operate.

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