Microsoft will add SSH support to PowerShell

Third time’s the charm for Microsoft’s PowerShell team, as they will – after two previous attempts unsuccessful due to leadership and culture – finally implement SSH support.

Angel Calvo, a group software engineering manager with the team, says that Microsoft has shifted towards a more customer-oriented culture, and they have been listening to customer feedback. This time, obviously, the decision makers within the company have been listening, too.

“A popular request the PowerShell team has received is to use Secure Shell protocol and Shell session (aka SSH) to interoperate between Windows and Linux – both Linux connecting to and managing Windows via SSH and, vice versa, Windows connecting to and managing Linux via SSH,” he explained.

“The PowerShell team realized the best option will be to adopt an industry proven solution while providing tight integration with Windows,” he noted, and added that the the PowerShell team will support and contribute to the OpenSSH community.

“The combination of PowerShell and SSH will deliver a robust and secure solution to automate and to remotely manage Linux and Windows systems,” he concluded.

The fact that they opted for open source technology has been welcomed by many.

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