Correlate real-time data from mobile devices across the enterprise

OptioLabs announced the availability of OptioInsight for enterprises using OptioCore-secured devices. OptioInsight correlates real-time data from mobile devices across the enterprise and delivers automated fine-grained policy controls that secure against malware, rogue employees and privacy eroding applications.


“The increasing speed and sophistication of mobile security threats can easily overwhelm even the best enterprise cybersecurity teams and put sensitive and critical data at risk,” said Bill Anderson, Chief Product Officer of OptioLabs. “OptioInsight puts enterprise cybersecurity teams in control, giving them the ability to enforce – based on policy – how specific applications are used throughout their environment.”

OptioInsight policies protect enterprise systems from mobile threats by controlling applications, resources and connectivity according to dynamic rules. Using OptioInsight, IT staff can deploy a situationally-aware policy to achieve HIPAA, or FISMA compliance for their mobile devices.

These sophisticated situational policies apply controls automatically, based on time, location, network and other cues – enforcing strict controls only when they are needed, and still preserving an optimal mobile experience for the user.

OptioInsight delivers the following security capabilities and benefits to enterprise and government organizations:

Fine grained policy controls – OptioInsight enables the creation of Android device security controls that go beyond what is possible with conventional device management tools. OptioInsight creates policies that control each of the 3,300 system methods in Android, delivering targeted security protections while enhancing the user’s device experience.

Context-based policy management –Enterprises can now manage sophisticated, context-sensitive security policies across Optio-ready devices. An enterprise can define security policies that adapt as the mobile user moves through different environments – ensuring strong security when enterprise resources are used, but allowing the user full access at other times.

Industry-specific compliance – Organizations can meet industry regulations, such as HIPAA and FISMA, with comprehensive controls for mobile devices. OptioServices can help organizations develop policies for their specific needs.

Enterprise user management – OptioInsight synchronizes with Active Directory to inherit user accounts and group assignments. Furthermore, it will automatically update device policies for registered Enterprise users.

Security reporting and analytics – Enterprises use OptioInsight to track system, application, device and user behavior for all Optio-ready devices to feed data analytics for emerging threats.

Cloud based – Manageable from any browser by authorized IT staff, OptioInsight can be hosted by OptioLabs or in a customer-managed private cloud.

Partner-ready – OptioLabs’ expert security partners can develop custom solutions for their customers and their own Optio-ready devices.

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