Add IRM, data security and encryption to any app

Vera launched its new IRM-as-a-Service (IRMaaS) product, allowing developers to use Vera’s data security platform to build encryption, tracking, policy enforcement, and access control into custom business applications.


By using Vera’s SDK and RESTful APIs, enterprises can directly protect and manage access to any data generated by custom-built business applications. Once protected, security teams can use Vera to gain visibility into how that data is used, anywhere it travels.

Vera’s SDK and APIs are designed to support applications based on many platforms, including OS X, Linux, and Windows, and applications written in C++ and Java.

“In today’s world, we can no longer afford to treat data security as an add-on or afterthought. Instead, we must establish a security model that can be woven directly into the enterprise software and hardware stack,” said Ajay Arora, CEO and co-founder of Vera. “We’re building a future where businesses don’t have to worry about where their data travels or who has access.”

“One of the criteria to be part of the Skyhigh Cloud Security Technology Partner (CSTP) program is the ability for customers to quickly and easily integrate security into their existing tools,” said Chris Cesio, VP of business development and channel for Skyhigh Networks. “Vera’s powerful SDK and APIs make it simple and straightforward for developers to add secure encryption and IRM as a service into their applications. Businesses everywhere can be sure that their data is protected anywhere it goes, inside the firewall and beyond, while maximizing the value of their existing technology and workflows.”


Vera secures and tracks any type of digital information wherever it travels – across all users, devices, applications, and platforms in real-time. With more than a quarter million users at Fortune 500 companies in the financial services, media and entertainment, manufacturing, and technology sectors, Vera is positioned to become the trusted standard for businesses to share and secure all confidential information.

IRM-as-a-Service is now available through Vera’s SDK to customers and developers through the Vera Dashboard.

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