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Re-evaluating immature and ineffective insider risk management programs

Managing insider risk is becoming increasingly difficult. In fact, insider risk is emerging as one of the most challenging threats to detect, mitigate and manage, according to …

Cybersecurity risk management
Pandemic accelerating need for insider risk management

As companies exit the pandemic, security leaders will be challenged with new data security complexities. Remote work over the past year magnified challenges that companies …

Most decision makers expect AI and 5G to impact their cybersecurity strategy

An overwhelming majority of cybersecurity and risk management leaders believe that developments in 5G wireless technology will create cybersecurity challenges for their …

Add IRM, data security and encryption to any app

Vera launched its new IRM-as-a-Service (IRMaaS) product, allowing developers to use Vera’s data security platform to build encryption, tracking, policy enforcement, and …

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