eBook: Guide to protecting SaaS apps from DDoS attacks

With a business model dependent on 100% uptime for their online customers, the last thing SaaS companies can afford is a DDoS attack.

Read this DDoS eBook from Incapsula and find out:

  • Why SaaS companies are such a popular target for DDoS attacks
  • What are the costs and risks of DDoS attacks to your business
  • What are the steps SaaS companies can take to defend themselves.

DDoS eBook

How does Incapsula work?

Once activated through a simple DNS change and without any hardware or software, Incapsula’s global CDN routes all traffic to your website and web applications, intelligently profiling this traffic in real-time to block even the latest web threats.

Our PCI-certified Web Application Firewall thwarts all OWASP threats, from scrapers and spammers to Injection and XSS attacks, in addition to mitigating all network and application DDoS attacks.

Meanwhile, outgoing traffic is accelerated and optimized with Incapsula’s caching and optimization techniques, keeping welcome visitors speeding through.

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