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Pen Test Metrics 2018
Report: What two years of real pen testing findings will tell you

The information included in this report (Time to Fix, Vulnerability Types, Findings Criticality, Issues Fixed) is summary data from all of the penetration tests Cobalt …

Full Stack Web Performance
eBook: Full Stack Web Performance

Full Stack Web Performance is written for anyone grappling with the challenges of performance in a DevOps environment. Whether you’re a web developer, a DevOps engineer, an …

CSA book
100 best practices in Big Data security

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) released the new handbook from the CSA Big Data Working Group, outlining the 100 best practices in Big Data security. The Big Data Security …

Defending against crypto ransomware
eBook: Defending against crypto ransomware

Unlike traditional malware, crypto ransomware doesn’t steal information. Instead, it encrypts a victim’s documents, spreadsheets, pictures, videos and other files, and then …

O'Reilly DevOpsSec
Review: DevOpsSec

About the author Jim Bird, CTO of a major US-based institutional alternative trading system, has more than 20 years of experience in financial services technology, including …

DDoS Response Playbook
Playbook: Prepare your business for DDoS attacks

Like any business initiative, good preparation and planning can go a long way toward making the DDoS response process as manageable, painless, and inexpensive as possible. …

eBook: Guide to protecting SaaS apps from DDoS attacks

With a business model dependent on 100% uptime for their online customers, the last thing SaaS companies can afford is a DDoS attack. Read this DDoS eBook from Incapsula and …

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