Google’s new authentication option: a tap on the screen

Google knowns that usability is a pre-requisite for security, so they’ve come up (yet again) with a new option within the 2-step verification feature for Google accounts: Google prompt.

Google sends the prompt each time you want to log into your account, and you simply tap “Yes” to confirm that you are the one signing in:

Google prompt on iPhone

No more typing in of verification codes received via voice or text message or Google Authenticator, or by using a Security Key (a small device you plug into your computer’s USB port to confirm the sign-in attempt).

Well, those options – except the Security Key, for now – will still work, but the prompt option will be the default one:

Google prompt set up

In order to take advantage of the option, Android users will have to update to the latest version of Google Play Services, and iOS users will have to download and install the Google Search app (if they haven’t already).

You can also set up the option to work from multiple devices, but it’s strongly advised that they are all protected either by a passcode or biometric authentication.

The new option can be set up in the Sign-in & Security > Signing in to Google > 2-Step Verification section of My Account.

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