New infosec products of the week​: April 7, 2017

New WAF attack timelines show the start and end of a threat.
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A rules engine that adapts to changing attack patterns

DataVisor announced the latest addition to its full stack analytics platform, the DataVisor Automated Rules Engine, a rules engine that maintains itself. The patent-pending technology generates rules automatically, on a daily basis, based on attributes detected and provided by the Unsupervised Machine Learning (UML) Engine. The rules within the Automated Rules Engine are continuously tuned to ensure that they’re still highly effective and accurate, reducing manual review time and enabling risk teams to more easily maintain rule effectiveness.

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Forcepoint adds malware detection to Next Generation Firewalls

Forcepoint announced a new release of its Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) software, which adds support for the new cloud-based Forcepoint Advanced Malware Detection service. The combination of Forcepoint NGFW and advanced malware detection capabilities provides open, unobstructed access to data and intellectual property everywhere while reducing risk of emerging threats.

infosec products april

SignNow e-signature platform gets threat protection

Barracuda updated its SignNow e-signature platform, designed to secure the workflow processes for enterprise customers. SignNow Enterprise now includes Advanced Threat Protection, a cloud-based micro-service that protects organizations against ransomware and other targeted attacks.

infosec products april

CounterTack announces context-aware Data Loss Prevention

CounterTack announced the availability of its data loss prevention (DLP) technology. What makes CounterTack’s DLP capability within the ETP platform unique is the ability to extend contextual EDR capabilities to identify sensitive data paths, and to actively inspect content whether at-rest or in motion. The extension from EDR to DLP under one sensor and within the same workflow covers critical use cases for organizations, including protection against risks presented by the insider threat, and data exfiltration.

infosec products april

Verint unveils advancements to security and situational intelligence solutions

Verint Systems announced strategic upgrades to its Security and Situational Intelligence Solutions portfolio. The enhanced IP video surveillance technologies are designed for use in indoor and outdoor applications in a wide range of markets, including banking, retail, transportation, critical infrastructure, education and government.

infosec products april

Ixia delivers end-to-end visibility for public cloud

Ixia has extended the benefits of the company’s CloudLens Platform to enable customers to capture and filter data in the public cloud. Designed as a SaaS platform, it does all the heavy lifting behind the scenes, freeing customers from managing visibility. CloudLens Public will initially be available in support of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Ixia plans to add support for Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud in the second half of 2017.

infosec products april

Compuware releases Application Audit cybersecurity and compliance solution

Compuware Application Audit captures complete user session activity data in real time—including successul logins, session keyboard commands and menu selections, specific data browsed, and more. The web interface empowers anyone to set session recording parameters, review audit data, configure feeds and perform other administrative tasks.

infosec products april

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