High-Tech Bridge and DenyAll partner to defend web applications and services

High-Tech Bridge, recently named Gartner Cool Vendor 2017, and DenyAll, a Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity company, joined the efforts to combat cybercrime and defend corporate web applications and web services.

High-Tech Bridge DenyAll

The announced technology integration enables joint customers to export vulnerability data from ImmuniWeb Portal and import it to DenyAll WAF in just a few clicks. Once imported, the vulnerabilities will be virtually patched by the WAF preventing any attempts of their malicious exploitation. This results in increased security and quicker turnaround time when new vulnerabilities are discovered.

High-Tech Bridge’s ImmuniWeb Application Security Platform provides companies and organizations with the most comprehensive web and mobile application security testing services (DAST, SAST and IAST). ImmuniWeb leverages High-Tech Bridge’s award-winning machine learning and hybrid security testing technologies that reliably detect the most sophisticated vulnerabilities and contractually guarantee zero false-positives.

DenyAll Web Application Firewall is a platform for authenticating users, evaluating their behavior in context and protecting web applications, APIs and Web Services against attacks attempting to exploit vulnerabilities. Unlike most WAFs, the DenyAll product stands out in terms of security effectiveness, by offering several security engines which can be chained together.

“Vulnerable web applications represent a continuously growing risk to companies and organizations from all over the world. Millions of user records and gigabytes of personal data are breached every day in sophisticated attacks targeting websites and web applications. The alliance with DenyAll brings a reliable, simple and cost-efficient application security solution. Our technologies perfectly complement each other, bringing unbeatable effectiveness and ROI to our customers,” said High-Tech Bridge’s CEO, Ilia Kolochenko.

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