How High-Tech Bridge uses machine learning

high-tech bridge machine learningIn this podcast, Ilia Kolochenko, CEO at High-Tech Bridge, talks about the difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning, and illustrates how his company uses machine learning to reduce human time without impacting testing quality or liability.

high-tech bridge machine learning

Here’s a transcript of the podcast for your convenience.

Good morning, my name is Ilia Kolochenko, I’m CEO and founder at High-Tech Bridge. Today we have a lot of companies who speak about AI, but in my opinion we are still very far from AI. Because AI is a technology, let’s say like this, that is capable to replace humans. And more importantly, it can replace any human – you can see we are still very far from it, and I personally believe we will not have an AI within at least the next 10 years.

However, we can leverage machine learning. For example, at High-Tech Bridge we use machine learning for intelligence automation of vulnerability scanning, crawling and fuzzing. What it gives is that we can perform certain usually complicated or time-consuming tasks that require human intelligence and we can perform it without humans, thus reducing costs but without impacting reliability, quality and comprehensibility of testing.

It’s also very important probably to highlight that if you see companies that speak about AI machine learning, you should probably just ask why do you use AI and what will be my benefit from the AI? Because you have software and AI, if I just take a software without AI, what will the difference? If a vendor is not capable to clarify this, probably you should consider another solution because a lot of people currently just use AI for marketing purposes.

I believe that machine learning can bring a lot of success, not by replacing humans but rather by freeing human time and enabling people to make some more strategic tasks that machine cannot do and will hardly do within the next 10 years. We have pretty important internal scientific research and we have experts in machine learning, we have mathematicians who continuously increase capacity of our technology to deliver better results without human. This will continuously reduce human time without impacting on quality or reliability of our testing and importantly that we can explain and justify on clear and transparent numbers what, for and how we use machine learning at High-Tech Bridge.

Thanks to our harbored security testing when we correlate and synchronize manual and automated vulnerability testing in real time, we can reduce the time of testing and increase the accuracy. And that’s why we also have machine learning that is a second peeler of our Immuniweb offering, we can already reduce human time from 5 days to 2 days and a half without impacting quality or liability of testing, and I firmly believe that within the next several years we will be able to reduce it even to 1, probably 1 day and a half. So we offer very significant reduction of human time and this way we are capable to offer much more competitive pricing.

We contractually guarantee 0 false positives and it’s not about marketing, hype or whatever else. It’s about that we have a clear, plain English clause in every contract explicitly saying that if you find one single zero false positive, we’ll reimburse you the entire price you have paid for the assessment.

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