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actionable intelligence

The complex and evolving landscape of cybercrime introduces your business to new threats on a daily basis. Protecting your corporate assets against cyber attacks requires a combination of sophisticated technology, accurate threat intelligence data and expert strategy.

In this podcast recorded at Black Hat USA 2017, Mike Kirschner, Senior Vice President of Advanced Threat Intelligence at InfoArmor, talks about how they offer operatively-sourced threat intelligence, specialized cyber security services and real-time, client-specific alerts to protect your network and prevent data exfiltration.

actionable intelligence

Here’s a transcript of the podcast for your convenience.

Hi, my name is Mike Kirschner, I’m the Senior Vice President of InforArmor’s Advanced Threat Intelligence division. We are a dark web surveillance and operative research team that really engages with threat actors in the dark web.

I think from a consistency point of view, as we look across the landscape and talk to our clients, we see repeatedly three different issues that they tend to focus on. One is that they had limited resources – time, money, people – it’s a significant problem for them. As a result of that, they don’t need just another stream of uncontextualized data that then leads to exacerbating that problem. The attacks continue and threat actors are more and more savvy, the landscape is dynamic and it’s changing on a continual basis, so trying to keep up with that in the face of the fact that we don’t have enough resources is just a spiral.

As a result, InfoArmor really deploys and positions its operative services to be able to address all of these issues in a very elegant way. We are not just a dark web monitoring company, we are a dark web engagement and surveillance organization that’s engaging with threat actors in the communities and the areas that they tend to operate in. We’re leveraging then both automation as well as human intelligence in order to provide the kind of context that our clients need to be able to take action on the pieces of intelligence that we’re then able to deliver.

InforArmor is not just monitoring the dark web which you’ll hear from so many different providers. We are not a threat intelligence feed provider – we are truly providing contextual, actionable intelligence as a result of the operative nature of the research that our team provides.

We’re focusing on really monitoring threat actors in the spaces where they live, surveilling their activities, profiling each of them, working with law enforcement and with our clients in order to identify and, in some cases, put evidentiary information together for prosecution. We are gathering breach intelligence, data, compromised information, credentials, credit cards, personal information, compiling that, delivering to our clients in a way that they can take action on, and then we provide services around very bespoke requests that our customers may have.

With all of that, as we put that together in a way that really positions InfoArmor in a different way than you’ll see with most other providers, we are focused on providing a very rich amount of context with the notifications that we provide, with the research that we do, with the data that we are enabling for our clients.

Love to talk to you more about it, explore your own individual issues and items that you’re focused on. Please feel free to visit us at our booth at Black Hat or on the web at

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