Enterprise USB security is outdated and inadequate

While USB drives are ubiquitous for employees across all industries, security policies for these devices are often severely outdated or grossly inadequate for protecting critical enterprise data, according to Apricorn.

enterprise USB security

By failing to effectively monitor USB usage, organizations are leaving themselves vulnerable to data breaches, as well as putting their clients’ and employees’ personal information at risk.

While nine out of 10 employees rely on USB devices today, only 20 percent of them are utilizing encryption on those devices. Eight out of 10 employees use non-encrypted USBs, such as those received for free at conferences, trade events or business meetings.

The study also found that roughly 70 percent of employees surveyed maintained that USB drives improve the efficiency of their organizations’ IT operations and increase their productivity.

Other key findings:

  • 69 percent of respondents agree that the use of USB drives increases productivity in the workplace
  • Only 15 percent ask permission to use a USB drive
  • 50 percent are required to seek permission to use external USB drives, while the other half are not
  • 58 percent organizations have adequate governance and policies to manage the use of USB drives in the workplace.

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