New infosec products of the week​: May 18, 2018

Monitor user and entity behaviors to prevent advanced attacks

Gurucul Fraud Analytics uses purpose-built machine learning models to correlate cross-channel behaviors and detect suspicious activities associated with fraud in financial, healthcare and retail environments. The solution links data from PoS devices, endpoint workstations, mobile devices, web, voice, servers, IoT devices, etc. with users and/or entities to build a 360-degree contextual view of transactions.

infosec products may 18 2018

SecurityIQ 6.0 delivers identity governance for files from the data center or the cloud

SailPoint released SecurityIQ 6.0, which extends identity governance to data stored in files like spreadsheets and documents. It includes the option to deploy in the data center or on public cloud platforms, plus enhanced scalability for data classification and permission analysis, and new forensics and real-time alerting to help global enterprises fight data breaches.

infosec products may 18 2018

Gryphon Connect: Secure voice and data

Gryphon Connect is an all-in-one solution that delivers end-to-end encryption for members of a closed network environment. Users can access a secure environment from the office or on the move using Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Gryphon Connect secures VoIP phones, laptops, smartphones, IoT-devices and more.

infosec products may 18 2018

Gemalto unveils dedicated smart energy offer

Gemalto is strengthening trust in the smart energy sector with an end-to-end security solution which protects the entire ecosystem. Deployed by smart meter makers and distribution systems operators, the offer provides seamless connectivity solutions, secure digital identities and security lifecycle management for the long life of smart meters, as threats and stakeholders evolve over time.

infosec products may 18 2018

Barracuda introduces cloud-delivered web application firewall

The Barracuda WAF-as-a-Service simplifies and accelerates the deployment of web application security. The new service is built on Barracuda’s web application security technology, and protects against layer 7 attacks, DDoS, SQL injection, zero-day threats, JSON threats, OWASP Top 10, and more.

infosec products may 18 2018

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