Twistlock releases serverless runtime defense

Twistlock announced the addition of serverless runtime defense to the Twistlock platform. With this new functionality, companies can extend Twistlock’s automated, whitelist based threat protection to serverless functions running in AWS Lambda and other leading serverless platforms.

This new capability builds upon Twistlock’s release of vulnerability scanning for serverless functions in July 2017, and brings Twistlock’s serverless capabilities to parity with the full lifecycle, full stack protection the platform currently offers for containers and virtual machines.

Customers can now centralize their serverless, container, and VM security in a single platform that provides developers, devops, and security teams alike the visibility and controls needed to deliver cloud native applications securely.

“Serverless provides its own unique advantages relative to running an app in a container environment,” said John Morello, Twistlock Chief Technology Officer. “What we see in the real world is many customers running heterogeneous stacks – with some workloads in containers, some in VMs, and some in serverless functions. AWS Lambda and other serverless frameworks are well suited to running discrete tasks at scale with minimal developer overhead. With our newly released runtime defense for serverless capabilities, these teams can recognize the same protection in their serverless environment that they enjoy in the rest of their cloud native stack.”

As more enterprises embrace cloud native computing to reduce operating costs and increase deployment agility, serverless has emerged as a rapidly-growing deployment method that allows rapid scale without the traditional management overhead.

With this addition, Twistlock continues to enhance its industry leading cloud native security platform. As the platform for container security, serverless security, and service mesh security, Twistlock has helped hundreds of customers worldwide securely adopt cloud native technology and DevSecOps practices. Serverless runtime defense is included in the Twistlock platform, and is available to Twistlock customers.

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