New infosec products of the week​: June 29, 2018

GlobalSign launches IoT Identity Platform addressing IoT device security requirements

GlobalSign’s IoT Identity Platform is a set of products and services flexible and scalable enough to issue and manage billions of identities for IoT devices of all types. Using PKI as the identity mechanism, the IoT Identify Platform can serve the varied security use-cases of the IoT across all verticals, including manufacturing, agriculture, smart grid, payments, IoT gateways, healthcare, other industrial ecosystems and more.

nfosec products week June 2018

Quantum Xchange launches first quantum network in the United States

Leveraging the company’s Trusted Node technology, the Quantum Xchange QKD network extends the technology well beyond the previous limitations of transmission distances, to offer commercial enterprises and government entities point-to-point support over unlimited distances. In doing so, Quantum Xchange provides hardened encryption to address the shortcomings of today’s encryption standards, and the imminent threat of quantum computers.

infosec products week June 2018

Coriant unveils Vibe X90 carrier-class white box

Coriant introduced the Coriant Vibe X90 Programmable Packet Platform, the first in the Vibe series of carrier-class white boxes enabling cost-efficient service aggregation from access to the core. A key component of the Coriant Hyperscale Carrier Architecture, the carrier-class Vibe X90 provides a white box solution for a wide variety of mobile and converged applications, including 4G/5G anyhaul.

infosec products week June 2018

Ping Identity enables the modernization of legacy IAM systems

Ping Identity announced PingAccess, a new product and features designed to simplify the transition to its identity and access management (IAM) solution. It’s a common complaint among global organizations that many legacy IAM offerings are unable to support the modern applications, APIs and single-page applications that are needed to run an enterprise more efficiently.

infosec products week June 2018

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