NCP Secure Enterprise Management connects IIoT security and remote access

NCP engineering provides security for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with its central management system, NCP Secure Enterprise Management.

Providing visibility across all components and the configuration of all IIoT components, including machine certificates, the NCP Secure Enterprise Management solution bridges the gap between operational IT and production IT located in devices and machines.

This type of solution enables administrators to manage IIoT clients, IIoT gateways, remote access gateways and remote access clients with one management system.

As IIoT permeates finance, retail, logistics, telecommunications, and healthcare sectors, enterprises and security professionals are faced with the challenge of managing secure communications between millions of devices in IoT environments.

NCP engineering’s remote access and IIoT security solutions reinforce security for enterprises and SMBs, and provide encrypted communications on systems and machinery including connected cars, ATMs, and digital signage.

The NCP Secure Enterprise Management also secures networks in industrial environments and predicts when maintenance is needed.

“NCP Secure Enterprise Management is unique in the IT market as it merges classic remote access together with IIoT security,” said Patrick Oliver Graf, CEO of NCP engineering. “By providing secure communications and system integrations that can link existing IIoT infrastructure into one centralized command center, system manufacturers and operators can manage systems more efficiently.”

In addition to the Secure Enterprise Management solution, NCP has software components for various points throughout IIoT infrastructure to bring back control and secure data encryption.

The NCP IIoT Remote Gateway ensures secure communications between plants, machinery and systems while the NCP Central IIoT Gateway encrypts data from the IIoT Remote Gateway for secure upstream processing.

Dependent on the scenario, the gateways could be located on premise, in the data center, or in the cloud. NCP’s Management provides full administration and monitoring of existing infrastructures, and features a multi-client capability which links several production sites or divisions via a common platform.

For advanced authentication in remote access and IIoT networks, NCP offers support for certificates, tokens, pre-shared keys, smartcards, pins, and biometrics.

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