McAfee and LG collaborate to enable children a safer online experience

McAfee announced an extension of its collaboration with LG to pre-load McAfee Safe Family on the LG G7 ThinQ, Q7, Q7+, and Q Stylus in 32 European countries. Additionally, all subsequently released LG smartphones will have McAfee Safe Family pre-loaded.

With this partnership, LG smartphone users will benefit from parental controls that will help provide parents with the confidence they need to manage their children’s online experience.

According to recent McAfee research, 80% of parents say they’re concerned about who their child interacts with online, with 34% having discovered that their child has visited an inappropriate website on their device. These findings, coupled with today’s ubiquitous mobile device usage, underscore the need to provide parents with a solution to help manage their children’s behavior online.

“As the number of children who use mobile phones continues to rise, there is a growing need for parents to create a safer environment when their children interact with the online world on mobile devices,” said Gary Davis, chief consumer security evangelist at McAfee.

“With the pre-load of McAfee Safe Family on its smartphones, LG joins us in our commitment to empower both parents and children with a solution that helps ensure online interactions are safe and enjoyable.”

Key product features

  • App and web monitoring and blocking – Blocks apps and URLs individually or by category,
  • Screen time controls – Limits screen time to prevent children from using their devices at certain times of day, such as early morning or late at night,
  • Location tracking – Allows parents to track children on a map, giving the ability to know location via connected devices,
  • 1-click digital time-out – Pressing the pause button allows parents to put children on timeout to prevent them from accessing their devices,
  • Uninstall protection – Prevents children from uninstalling Safe Family by setting a pin code on the app.

Availability of McAfee Safe Family on LG smartphones

McAfee Safe Family is now available on the G7 ThinQ, Q7, Q7+ and Q Stylus smartphones in 32 European markets. Other LG customers can download McAfee Safe Family through the LG Smart World store. Availability and pricing may vary by market.

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