JD-HITBSecConf2018: Technical trainings, talks, exhibitions, competitions

HITB, organizer of the popular HITB Security Conference series, is collaborating with JD.com to bring its popular JD – HITB Security Conference to China for the first time later this year.


JD-HITBSecConf2018 – Beijing will take place in Kempinski Hotel at the end of October and into November. The 5-day event will feature HITB’s signature format – 3 days of hands-on technical trainings, followed by 2 days of conference talks, exhibitions, and competitions.

“We are excited to collaborate with JD.com in making this first HITB event a success for China, and to continue increasing public awareness about next-generation digital risks and the importance of security in all aspects of our ever-connected lives,” said Dhillon Kannabhiran, Founder and CEO of HITB.

“We are also honoured that JD.com – one of the largest B2C platforms in China – has chosen the HITBSecConf series to reach out to the security community – an audience that’s not only extremely technical but also passionate about technology and innovation,” he added.

For the inaugural event, JD-HITBSecConf2018 – Beijing will feature HITB’s most popular and prominent speakers from the past decade. Some notable names include Hugo Teso, who demonstrated how to remotely take over an aircraft in 2013 and renowned iOS jailbreaker Nikias Bassen, formerly of the Evaders hacking team. Lin Huang who wrote the first GNU Radio guidance book in China will also take to stage, as well as OPSEC thought leader The Grugq, and Google Project Zero’s James Forshaw who will also be joined by the legendary Halvar Flake. So far, more than 25 speakers have been announced, with more to be announced in the coming weeks.

JD.com is the world’s leading company in high tech and AI delivery through drones, autonomous technology and robots, and possesses the largest drone delivery system, infrastructure, and capability in the world. It is one of the two largest B2C online retailers in China by transaction volume and revenue, and a member of the Fortune Global 500. The platform has nearly 270 million active users.

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