Intertrust and Jscrambler launch joint solution to protect mobile and JavaScript applications

Intertrust Technologies and Jscrambler announced a jointly-sourced product suite App Shield 360 that provides a set of application shielding solutions for both native and JavaScript applications that includes:

  • Jscrambler to provide leading JavaScript web and mobile hybrid application protection against tampering and data theft through JavaScript obfuscation, code traps and software self-defensive technology,
  • Intertrust whiteCryption Code Protection to provide code obfuscation and tamper resistance for native code,
  • Intertrust whiteCryption Secure Key Box to provide white box cryptography.

The Intertrust/Jscrambler joint program provides a one-stop solution for application shielding; it prevents reverse engineering and code tampering on all used IT platforms including mobile, IoT, and client-side in the browser.

Intertrust’s whiteCryption products are for native code, while Jscrambler provides protection for JavaScript and HTML5 modules running in all web browsers and hybrid mobile applications.

“We’re delighted to partner with Jscrambler to add JavaScript protection to our offering,” said Bill Horne, general manager of Intertrust Secure Systems.

“JavaScript remains one of the most broadly deployed technologies in the world, and Jscrambler’s products are the very best at providing protection.”

Centralizing two products into a single solution empowers organizations to achieve efficiency. Both product lines are deployed across markets, especially in automotive, healthcare, banking and entertainment and media.

“We chose to partner with Intertrust because their whiteCryption products are the best application shielding products in the market for native code, and the market demands high-quality interoperable solutions to fully protect their mobile applications whether they are native, hybrid, progressive web apps or web applications,” said Rui Ribeiro, CEO of Jscrambler.

“Now, we can both provide our customer base with a universal solution for all platforms, obviating the need for complex procurement cycles for different platforms.”

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